Giuseppe Torretta

      Meet Giuseppe

      I am a portrait photographer. I love wedding photography and I enjoy capturing real feelings and emotions.

      I'm a dreamer, I've always been. I like to change and I'm changing continuously.

      I prefer to make my shots with natural light; I think nothing is more beautiful than the light coming from a window or the warm light during the golden hour.

      I live in beautiful Sicily and I love traveling. I love my family, the brandy, the volcano Etna and New York.

      I use selected material to obtain and express my photography, I shoot with a Leica and Sony mirrorless.

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      Leica Q - Giuseppe Torretta
      Giuseppe Torretta
      giuseppe torretta
      New York - Giuseppe Torretta - Street
      son - Giuseppe Torretta
      Brandy - Vecchia Romagna - Still life - Giuseppe Torretta
      Etna - Sicily - Eruption - Giuseppe Torretta
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      Get Married - Giuseppe Torretta


      With great pleasure I can boast of being co-founder of Glam, togheter my friend Giuseppe D'amico.

      What animates the shots of Glam is the passion for photography, for Glam photographing is not only a way to capture a moment forever, but is a means to convey feelings and tell a story.

      Glam is specialized in marriages and portrait photography. For an elegant and unique photo shoot that can excite every time you think about your wedding day, Glam is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.